Aditya Raj

Aditya Raj graduated from IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad, in 2015. He was born at Varanasi, the spiritual city that is quite famous for Temples and Ghats. Apart from writing, the author has a keen interest in working at IT sector companies. He loves to play cricket. People used to call him a romantic guy during his college days. The author is very pacifist by nature. The author has a quest to travel around the country and have fun. He has a never stop learning attitude towards life. He also loves to sketch in leisure.

When, After Love Story Breaks

Books by Aditya Raj

Raj, a decent boy living at Varanasi is quite satisfied with his life. Gradually and substantially, he discovers his love for a girl, Alisha. The love at first sight amazes Raj. After a short span, they get separated due to unevitable reasons.

After a few years, Raj completes his graduation and starts MBA. The story takes a sharp turn when he meets his classmate, Amyra. He begins to develop feelings for her. The fate intervenes once again when his close buddy Nikhil too falls in love with Amyra. Raj decides to sacrifice his feelings and love for Nikhil.

The destiny plays a crucial role in Raj’s life and his memoir. Does Raj’s sacrifice prove beneficial? What happens when his past appears suddenly once again in the present? Why seclusion comes once again in Raj’s life? What about Amyra’s feelings? What made Nikhil wonder-struck after knowing the facticity of Raj’s sacrifice and his love?

The story deals with all these instances and arrives at the climax including a sparking suspense about Raj’s love.

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