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Adwait Kulkarni

An engineer by chance, a writer by choice; Adwait is a free spirit on a herculean quest to search for the meaning of his life. Besides clicking pictures and pouring his heart out on paper, Adwait can be often found sipping tea, playing with dogs, or making silly, pun-y puns (pun intended!) His works revolve around the beauty of human existence: a mix-pot of experiences, emotions, people; and how these ingredients shape an individual’s being. He intends to explore this journey that is human life, and live it to the fullest; the joys, sorrows, gains, the pains. Adwait firmly believes that worRead More...

Painting Pictures With Words

Books by Adwait Kulkarni

Painting Pictures With Words is a beautiful symphony composed by my beating heart; a coming together of photographs and poetry that conveys emotions in the purest of forms, distilled from the potion of human experiences. Diving deep into all aspects of life: melancholy, bliss, defeat, the rise; this collection will resonate deeply with the reader, and give them a chance to slow-dance with their very own emotions, an intimacy with existence like no other

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