Indie Author Championship #6

Aeknath Mishra

Author, Startup Coach & Angel Investor
Author, Startup Coach & Angel Investor

Aeknath is a business graduate, hybrid entrepreneur, and author, deeply passionate about the start-up ecosystem. He has lived and breathed in the start-up space his whole life and is finally sharing his knowledge with the rest of the world. He plans to publish a full complement of fiction and non-fiction books about business and the start-up ecosystem, so that entrepreneurs can reach their goals faster. The idea for this book came whilst Aeknath was quarantined in an Abu Dhabi hotel for a brief period of time to control the spread of the pandemic; there, he started thinking about death and howRead More...

Business Success Checklist

Books by Aeknath Mishra

Dear start-up folks…

Arrest avoidable start-up failures by practicing---“BUSINESS SUCCESS CHECKLIST”

The last few years a newfound fancy word invented by the business world is “Start-up”. But as the time passed by, another word got attached to it - “Ninety percent of start-ups fail.” 

Overtime our knowledge society acquired extensive predictable tools and we were able to predict natural calamities, diseases, and injuries. Ye

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Myopic Startup

Books by Aeknath Mishra

If you launch a business; you will fail.

But hold on! You can move past the failure, recalibrate, and recover.

‘Myopic Startup’ obtains the no-nonsense diagnosis of the problem, addressing the fundamental short-sighted errors and pitfalls which ruin businesses. What can build up your business model into an express track to success?

Okay, folks, do you want to turn your startup business 100 percent successful?

Do you want to tran

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Books by Aeknath Mishra

A modern-day parable for entrepreneurs

Juan Alberto Cabriallo is a born entrepreneur and mastermind of many (failing) concepts. He leaps into every venture both feet first—after all, he can just fix any problems on the way, right?

But Juan cannot afford to be cautious.

The world is not on his side.

Born into poverty in a backwater village, he has a fight ahead of him.

If Juan is going to claw himself out of poverty,

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