Aesha Agarwal

We are told umpteen times, “There are no shortcuts!” Isn’t it the job of every adult in our lives to drill that statement in our heads till we either accept it as the truth of life, or become too used to it to question? If you listen closely to your young, fiery self, you can still hear a voice tell you that there has to be a more laid out approach for you to lead the life you’ve always wanted. Aesha Agarwal is one such girl who simply could not bring herself to believe that the only way to living the life is hard work. She knew there had to be a smarter way to do it&ndRead More...


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There must only be a handful of people who’d want to work throughout their life and not want some time alone. It is a thought everyone comes across when they’re asked to choose, or decide on a change in their careers, “Till when?”

What if someone told you that a series of smart choices made by you can ensure a glorious life, without having to burn the midnight oil?

I believe there isn’t anything one cannot do, and that everyone is just a

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