Agni Tripathi


Agni Tripathi was born in Calcutta, to parents who work for the state Government. Agni’s early years were full of frequent relocations, as a consequence of which he ended up going to thirteen different schools. His travels presented him with an opportunity to experience India in its truly diverse form. His interactions with colorful people from the different walks of life encouraged him to begin writing from a very young age. The Line Reader, a collection of short stories, is the first book of this promising young author.


A youngster decides to play a prank on his friends, pretending to be able to read the lines on their palms. But, what he sees on his own palm shocks him. Do the lines truly foretell what is in store for one? A young couple suffers the perennial perplexities of young love. Is this one the soul-mate? Are the feelings mutual? Can they speak their minds out in time? A young man masters the technique to wipe out memories. What could the consequence be? Woven around the myriad ironies that are a part and parcel of complex human relations, moving from the tranquil hills to the sweltering plains, touching upon the lives of Metropolitan cities and the remotest rural villages, this collection of s...

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