Dr. Ahmed Sayeed

The Author has written six books so far, most of which have atheistic views. He has depicted philosophical and ethical views on each subject of the book. In his view God does not exist but all life is a product of evolution. He also states that there is no meaning, purpose, and spiritual value in life. He views it is a natural process that life took its existence. He believes in the philosophy of René Descartes, “We Think, Therefore We Are”. He upholds the idea that humanity is the only religion.  Humanity is an in-built instinct in every human being and hence one shoulRead More...


Human Achievement

Books by Ahmed Sayeed

There is nothing re-exhilarating than to find out something for the first time, something that they have existed for a over a billion years, but was never known before.

The words of this great scholar made me attempt to write this book.  The world has become a single platform, a single stage from where knowledge is vast and needs a Millennium to learn but human life is short. 

This led me to compile this vast knowledge into an abridg

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Paradises Lost

Books by Ahmed Sayeed

The book depicts the life of a teenage Jihadist, who is born and brought up in Al-Aqqa of Syria, the second biggest city after Damascus. He is left with his mother and brother after his father died a Jihadi. Trained in the Mufti course in Arabic, he joins DAHESH after developing a negative attitude towards the Shiites. DAHESH’s goal is to topple the Al-Assad’s Government, run mainly by Shiites, to avenge their monopoly of oil in the black market.


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