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Cathy Aiyer ( Srimathy Hariharan)

Cathy Aiyer’s first love was Chemistry. She is an accidental poet who works to silence her ‘sweet ear syndrome.’ Sweet Ear Syndrome is when life leaves impressions on her mind that keep whispering into her ears. And it damn well doesn’t stop until she has written it all down.     Until now, Cathy has contributed to anthologies Khitab and When I See You Again. She is also the author of the book, Windows of Light and Other Musings, published in December 2017, all of which were well-received.     This is her second book, in which she includes her adventRead More...


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Books by Cathy Aiyer ( Srimathy Hariharan)

Make life worth living.
Are the reason we strive and win

We look forward to living life because of the numerous Possibilities that it holds for us.

   This book titled Possibilities is a heart-warming collection of poems and stories, based on the interesting experiences of Cathy and

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