Ajay Dewangan

The author is a government officer and works as Assistant Commissioner. He is deeply interested in the universe and its unresolved mysteries. He has been studying and researching the cause of gravity and its amazing secrets for the past 17 years.

He has always been passionate about unknown creative moments – those invisible and omnipotent forces that made possible the existence of the universe.

How does our future look?

How will the end of the universe be?

What is the role of God in the universe?


His next book, Nazaria Badlo Jivan Badlo will be in the market shortly.



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Today we do not know what our future is? Where do we stand? What is the universe? How did this form and who created it? Did it create on its own or did unknown forces make its existence possible? What are the powerful forces working in the universe? These invisible, unique and omnipotent forces work within the smallest particles in our world, and without understanding these forces we will never uncover the amazing secrets of the universe.

What is the rea

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