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Ajay Kumar Bhootra

Ajay is an Optometrist, author and dreamer. His first book on optometry titled Optician’s Guide was published in 2006. The book quickly got the appreciation with optometry institutes accepting it and students benefitting from it. The success of his debut book encouraged him to take up writing on a more serious note. Thereafter he wrote 7 more books on optometry. Recently in the year 2019 one of his optometry books titled “Basics of Computer Vision Syndrome” has been translated into Arabic Language by King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

In addition, he has also authored a fascinating non-fiction, The Race for Space – The Art & Science of Retail Selling, which explains the nitty-grittys of retail selling and salesmanship.

In the year 2013, he ventured into writing fiction, a dream that he had been nurturing ever since he started writing. He wrote a romantic novel titled Yet We Marry. The novel received a lot of appreciation for its simplicity, naturalness and candidness, and opened to positive reviews on Amazon.

Ajay has deep interest in romantic erotica genre and he has a plan to write more fictions in this genre. Besides, he has got enormous amount of experience on various facades of business which he would always like to share with masses through the medium of non- fiction books. Currently he is also working on a non-fiction title, A Journey without Destination.

Ajay lives in Kolkata and is working with one of the biggest optical retail chains, Himalaya Optical.

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The Knot

Books by Ajay Bhootra

Romantic, liberating and mesmerizing, a story that will obsess you


Rhea is a fiercely independent, hot and extremely beautiful girl. When the cocky Ronnie sees Rhea in college for the first time, it sparks a sensual affair at once. He falls outrageously in lust with her.


An obsessed Ronnie will do anything to possess his crush. But when he comes in front of Rhea, his rakish style vanishes and he turns meek and submissive.

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Yet We Marry

Books by Ajay Kr Bhootra

Sunny and Swarika are introduced to each other by their parents – and they embark on the important journey of their life as husband and wife. However, the pressures of handling a family and satisfying the expectations of every relative begin to strain the young couple's relationship.

Swarika develops a strong dislike towards Sunny’s family, and Sunny in turn is pulled apart on all sides. The problems escalate and the couple are forced to live apart t

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