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Ajay Seshadri

Ajay Seshadri is a poet and creative writer, who was inspired to write poetry from the age of sixteen. He published his first book In Search of Lost Innocence and Truth Within when he had just turned twenty and his second publication, Existential Relief: poetry inspired by the philosophy of existentialism, was brought out in 2009. Both his books were received with very good reviews from renowned poetry critics and were featured well in the Indian media. Ajay won the Editor’s Choice Award from poetry.com, MD, US at an early stage of his writing. He has been regularly contributing poems as well as literary articles to Poets International, a journal on short verse. Ajay’s poetry works have been critically analyzed and published by Dr Mohammed Fakhruddin, Editor, Poets International, in his book The Power of Poetry. Apart from poetry, Ajay writes non-fiction books on education, aesthetics, existentialism, psychology and philosophy. He is currently working on a book about progressive education. Ajay resides in Bangalore. Visit Ajay’s blogs: www.ajayseshadri.blogspot.com www.criticofphysics.blogspot.com

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