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Ajit Nair

Ajit Nair is a qualified Chartered Accountant based in Mumbai, who, having worked in various functions in reputed companies like Warner-Lambert, Chiron Panacea Vaccines and MSD (Intervet) Animal Healthcare, is currently working with Cello Writing Instruments (Bic Societe). During his service in Industry, the craving to work closely with people and help them get established in their personal and professional lives grew within him. This has led him to work closely with the needs of a child, and to associate with the following establishments. a. Chiron Panacea Vaccines: Protecting a child from dreaded diseases through vaccination. b. Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre: As a CSR activity, he got to know about this organization that works for children with special care requirements. Currently he is also an honorary board member of this NGO. c. Cello Writing instruments: Making writing instruments available for children that are smooth, long-lasting and easy to handle. Ajit Nair’s love for children and his deep concern for their welfare made him think of creating something for children that is understandable by them and can be imbibed in their lives. When the child’s upbringing is rightly directed in an interesting and playful manner, we can build a country of a new generation with high values and ethics. This book is his attempt to play a squirrel’s role in this gigantic task.

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