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Akshaj Nair

Akshaj Nair is a high school student studying at The International School Bangalore, who has interests in a variety of fields including current affairs, literature and economics. He enjoys keeping himself acquainted with current affairs and finds that his views, expressed on the same, are best expressed through the means of poetry. Over the years, he has keenly followed several writers, renowned poets and world leaders, and was inspired by them. He decided to publish his collection as he believes that it is up to us to voice our opinions and recognize the issues that we, as a community and as Read More...


Books by Akshaj Nair

Words scribbled over a sheet of paper,

Inspiring some,

While making others reflect.

Some might question,

For which the answer may lie within, or somewhere around.

The words have their own meaning.

Some shall be deciphered, while the others fabricate something new.

The very same words they are and shall always be,

Holding different meanings as we progress through time.

From the observations of how s

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