Ali Ashhar

Ali Ashhar was ever an introspective soul and his writing stint began with his college life as a Literature student. Often curious to know about people, culture, places, and of course life he has given his thoughts a patron in the form of writing. After contributing to three anthologies, this is going to be his debut poetry collection. Apart from writing he often loves to get lost in nature, delve in spirituality and enjoy watching his favorite football team putting up a great show. Email:   Instagram: ali_ashhar1Read More...


Mirror of Emotions

Books by Ali Ashhar

Mirror of Emotions is a collection of several poems miscellaneously depicting what a peculiar journey life is. A melange of tales laden with unfathomed hues of sentiments that shall make your inquisitive heart delve in disentangling the intricacies fate encounters you with.

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A fervent rendezvous

By Ali Ashhar in Poetry | Reads: 71 | Likes: 0

The most beautiful destination this heart ever traveled to,  was you.   Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 06:42 PM

You and I

By Ali Ashhar in Poetry | Reads: 78 | Likes: 0

Let our soul soar on the horizon of  love For I want to escape the world with you Let our aura bloom in perennial gardens  For I want to explore ages with you Let our camaraderie surmount every squall For I want to stroll the realm of desires with you Let our heart sail through every wave of fate   Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 04:47 PM

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