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Amar Kumar

Amar Kumar is currently working as a research scholar in the Central University of Himachal Pradesh. Many research papers of Amar Kumar have been published, who passed NET JRF and SET exam in Political Science, in which he has written in the context of democracy, politics of South Asia, India-China relations, Indian Ocean. Along with this, his articles etc. continue to be published in many newspapers. He has special interest in world politics, world security, foreign policy, human rights, national security, history world peace etc.Read More...

द फिलोस्फर्स ड्रीम

Books by अमर कुमार

राजनीतिक दर्शन ने नगर राज्यों के प्रारंभ से लेकर वर्तमान समय तक राजनीतिक दार्शनिकों के माध्यम से मानवों की सभ्यता को संभाला और उसका विकास किया है। प्लेटो को  विश्व का प्रथम दार

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