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Ambica Uppal

Ambica is an Indian Canadian writer who lives in Toronto, Canada. She was born in Aizawl, an eastern city in India. Her father was in the Indian Army, and like most army kids she moved with her family from one city to another quite often. This fostered nomadic tendencies in her. For a child who moved every few years while growing up, writing accorded the much-needed support she needed before she could acculturate herself in her new environment.  Today her writings are manifestations of what she feels while experiencing things aroRead More...


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Petit à Petit

Books by Ambica Uppal

Petit à Petit is a collection of simple and inspiring poetry that motivates one to dream and change the narrative of their lives. It assures you that tomorrow will be a better day and encourages you to realise your potential and achieve your aspirations. Petit à Petit is centred on themes like self-love, self-confidence and taking life into your own hands.

No matter how far-away and impossible your dreams seem, don’t be afraid to rea

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Books by Ambica Uppal

Beneath every cloud

There is a story.

A story waiting to burst,

A story of love,

A story of grief,

A story to inspire,

Let it pour!


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