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Anagha Ratish

Author and Student
Author and Student

Anagha Ratish is a thirteen-year-old author and avid reader, who has always been fascinated by the art of storytelling. Her debut book, Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water, was published when she was twelve and has received critical acclaim from leading reviewers. She has also written a poetry book. When Anagha is not reading books, or writing them, she dabbles in music, painting, and needlework.Read More...

Celestia Chronicles

Books by Anagha Ratish

The world was slowly dissolving into chaos,

When a zaralia stumbled in.

But not this world,

A world with magic that would make your head spin.


Celestia - a world of pixies,

With four kingdoms that flourished.

Sprawling forests, shimmering lakes,

And rulers who were cherished.


The wane began when the great king of Emberglass,

The kingdom of Infernos in the north,

Was murde

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The Folly of Time

By Anagha Ratish in Horror | Reads: 335 | Likes: 0

The boy was not a wizard. Or a prince.  Or an elf. Or a knight.  Or anything of that kind, really.  He did not live in a land of magic, or a world ravaged by aliens, or a cursed town, or anywhere remotely remarkable. He had no hidden affinity for sorcery, no urge to save the world, no  Read More...

Published on Jun 18,2022 06:53 PM

The Land of the Six Statues

By Anagha Ratish in Fantasy | Reads: 383 | Likes: 3

Once upon a time; they would be pretty words to begin this story.  Too pretty for a tale as terrible as this, like a frilly gown for a beast, a garland of flowers for a snake, a pinch of sugar in the salty sea.  No, there shall be no once upon a time for this awful kingdom, for t  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2022 09:08 PM

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