Anam A Ahmad

Anam A. Ahmad (26th March, 1988) born in Lucknow, India, to the Royal Family of Awadh, grew up in Lucknow, and Settled down in the Capital (Delhi, India) in 2012. She did her schooling from La' Martiniere Girls College, Lucknow. "Marriage the Edition & Anny" is her previous works. Anam is a graduate in Tourism Studies. She has been an arts student. She has given her sublime seven years to Retail Industry. Worked with "Jimmy Choo' the magnificent Luxury Brand to exceptional Indian Designers that includes Manish Malhotra, Sabhyasachi, Anushree Reddy, Gaurav Gupta and many more, under the roof of Aza. Writing is my passion; I composed 12 English songs, in two hours at the age of 14 years. I so wanted to be a singer like Brittany Spears. My father gifted me my first mike for a karaoke at home. For me getting into certain detailing is too much fun. Writing is a brain game. How deep I think about certain subjects who have any form of meaning or make any kind of extra ordinary sense, catches lot of interest to me. From being a pro communicator in my industry with my clients to anyone and everyone, to being a typical "shayera" for all, at a time. I have yearning towards words and enjoy the gambol of this enlighten treasure. I feel there is nothing more beautiful than spreading love, hope, faith, affection, commitment, wisdom, promise and a dream through the effortless power of words. Have grown up with my mother telling me everytime, what you speak can either make someone happy or completely break them. Be very cautious about this power. There are many people who misuse it, we should chose the right words and the right tone to express ourselves. Today I realize how important it is to understand this cause many of us doesn’t realize it, until it’s too late. I enjoy writing love stories, human behaviors, emotions, experiences and short stories.



Books by Anam A Ahmad

At the end of Autumn, September 26 1987, a Catholic Family, natives of Perth, had the most awaited baby girl, she came like a blessing to her mother after two sons. As her mother always had prayed for a daughter, prayers being answered, daughter was raised in all love in the world a family could've bestowed. They named her ANASTASIA- "One who will be reborn(Greek) She was popular as Anny lately, she grows up experiencing a life which has always given her incomple

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Books by Anam A Ahmad

 Most Admirable Relation Recognised In All Generation’s Eternity


 They say a relation is

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