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Anamika Singh

Anamika Singh is a travel photographer by passion and poet by heart. After completing her post graduation in History, she took a break from her studies and decided to explore her life through travelling in the mountains. The author finds peace amidst nature and believes that nature is the best healer for the heartbreaks. Since childhood, she wanted to become a storyteller and had the passion for writing stories. It was only when she took a break and tried to reconnect with her life and leaving behind the rush, she came in contact with her true emotions and tried to put it in words. She consideRead More...

Spring in the Autumn

Books by Anamika Singh

We are surrounded by emotions,

wherever we go,

whatever we do,

So why stuff it and hide it from the world,

When it can be beautifully expressed in Words.

Spring in the Autumn is a collection of poetry which deals with the different phases of life. The poems ar

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By Anamika Singh in General Literary | Reads: 82 | Likes: 1

Crystal blue, lesser noise of vehicles, birds chirping all around winds gushing through the windows kiss me morning every day. It's all so beautiful. "If only I would have the gift of painting", I whisper to myself while I dwell into the beautiful landscape in front of me.   The city is le  Read More...

Published on May 6,2020 02:57 PM

Quarantine Lover

By Anamika Singh in Romance | Reads: 237 | Likes: 1

5 days have passed by since the whole nation went into lockdown, and still I can't imagine how would I spend left of the days without you by my side. I know I know people will think it's very clingy thing to say, but somehow that has become our reality, isn't that so? Before things got worse, we atl  Read More...

Published on May 6,2020 02:21 PM

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