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Anand G

Anand G is a layman based out of Chennai, India, who works as a manager in an IT division of a popular France-based bank. To him, laymen are the real unsung legends of this planet. He is on a mission to help millions and inspires billions through his talent, passion and purposes. His convictions and ideologies are so deep and touching that the readers might wonder if he was candidly recording their life secretly. His biggest strengths are his attitude, perspectives, his ability to reflect things as they are and articulate it as beautifully and interestingly as possible. He connects with peopleRead More...


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Reflections of a Layman

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Whether you are a layman or a legend, this book is for you. Reflections of A Layman brings out the power of a layman, his struggles, his perspectives and his reflections. It is neither a novel nor a poetry, but it will make you cry, smile, laugh, let out,  rejoice, motivate, inspire, think and act. This book will connect both the laymen and legends of this planet. It will help the layman to rediscover his talent and passion. It will aspire legends to cont

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The common man chaos

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Conviction of the ideologies. Determination and persistence to propaganda them. Ignorance and emotional attachment of the people who follow the religion in a blind folded manner thinking that only what they follow is supreme is causing the hatred among the people. When one man himself can have many   Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 07:17 PM

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