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Anand Kumar

Software Engineer and a Writer
Software Engineer and a Writer

Anand Kumar is a software engineer and a Writer. His passion for writing poems and storytelling has driven him towards writing. As a software engineer, facing complex problems and providing solutions has been his forte. He brings this mindset into writing. He is passionate about photography and traveling. Talking to people and understanding their emotions is a skill that he tries to master.  This is his first book. He wants to specialize in the area of fiction, and he plans to focus his future scripts on relationships, and the emotional connect that it brings along.Read More...

A Tale Of Two Souls

Books by Anand Kumar

I thought it was all over until I met her again.  I was hurting myself to forget her, and yet I kept falling in love. I saw her, smiling and happy with him. As the tears in my eyes pleaded for freedom,  I waited, for her, to give me that one smile...

Sometimes life gives you a thousand reasons to fall in love, and just one reason to fall apart. I  had stepped on it, and, I had to wait for three years to rediscover the soul within me. But, what happe

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