Anas Dhorajiwala

Anas Dhorajiwala: Unwavering Advocate for Global Dialogue and Legal Excellence Navigating the crossroads of international relations and the legal realm, Anas Dhorajiwala stands as a beacon of diplomacy and intellect. Renowned for his captivating eloquence and strategic prowess, Anas has carved a niche in the bustling Mumbai MUN circuit, where he has donned the role of chairperson, mentor, and guide, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring delegates. As the visionary founder of Global Policy Pen, Anas orchestrates forums that catalyze profound global discussions, moulding young minds to author reRead More...


Whispers Amongst Delegates

Books by Anas Dhorajiwala

In Mumbai's heart, where monsoons play their eternal symphony, two souls, Elena Rosales from Mexico and Aarav Mehta from Mumbai, cross paths. Elena, a passionate delegate, carries dreams as vast as the sky. Aarav embodies Mumbai's spirit: a blend of ancient traditions and modernity.

Their journey begins in the world of Model United Nations, blending the formal intricacies of international diplomacy with Mumbai's chaotic charm. As they weave through Cola

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Navigating the Voyage of MUN

Books by Anas Dhorajiwala

Step into the world of diplomacy, debate, and global cooperation with “Navigating the Voyage of MUN” Tailored specifically for young learners, this guide demystifies the intricate workings of Model United Nations (MUN). Dive deep into the essentials, from mastering procedures and rules to drafting impactful resolutions. Each chapter offers a harmonious blend of theory, examples, and hands-on activities, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. Whether you'r

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