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Anchal Rana Aggarwal

Dr. Anchal Rana Aggarwal was born in 1987. She was brought up in Dharamshala, a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. After marriage, she moved to Delhi. She is a dentist and runs her own clinic. She also runs a polyclinic. Dentistry is her profession, while writing is her passion. This is her first book, which has been inspired from true stories. Anchal lives with her in-laws and her husband Dr. Dheeraj Aggarwal, who is a dentist, a lawyer, and a businessman. Facebook id - anchal.rana.923, Twitter id - @anchalrana70, Gmail -anchalrana70@gmail.com, Anchalranaaggarwal.wordpress.com, Instagram - ANCHAL.RANA.923

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