Anchal Rana Aggarwal

New Delhi, India

Dr. Anchal Rana Aggarwal was born in 1987. She was brought up in Dharamshala, a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. After marriage, she moved to Delhi. She is a dentist and runs her own clinic. She also runs a polyclinic. Dentistry is her profession, while writing is her passion. This is her first book, which has been inspired from true stories. Anchal lives with her in-laws and her husband Dr. Dheeraj Aggarwal, who is a dentist, a lawyer, and a businessman. Facebook id - anchal.rana.923, Twitter id - @anchalrana70, Gmail,, Instagram - ANCHAL.RANA.923


Born and brought up in the peace and quiet of the hills, life in Delhi proves to be a big challenge to Alisha, Maria, Ishika and Nisha. Careers, marriage and romance expose these modern and independent women to the double standards of life in the big city. But the four friends have each others back as they tackle the expectations and notions of people around them. After marriage, Alisha finds herself trapped between tradition and her feminist thinking. She has to deal with an insecure mother-in-law, overbearing sisters-in-law and a secret that threatens to shatter her family. But she finds a great pillar of strength in her husband, Aryan, who stands by her at all times. While Nisha’s l...

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