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Anikait Balan

Born in 2008 in Kerala, Anikait Balan is a very obedient and an energetic boy who spends his time mostly in books, art, poetry, etc. During his childhood days he created a world of his own where his toys were different characters with superpowers. He is gifted with a vivid intellectual vision and writing skill. This helped him to write a story created by his imagination where he portrays himself as the hero. Being a young author, he has his own limitations and flaws but that’s what makes the story more enjoyable.


The Magical Stone

Books by Anikait Balan

The Magical Stone is the story of a hero who is selected as the human support to retrieve the stone for the king of his magical world. He takes us to a fantasy adventure where he gets a new friend named Segelle. His quest is to find a magical stone that holds an unbelievable power, which is stolen by Blitch who wants to take control of the kingdom.

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