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Anil G

The author is an eminent engineer and project manager. He has been involved in many international Oil & Gas projects for more than forty years. Now he is a domain consultant to multiple MNCs. Widely travelled and seeing various cultures of the world, he developed a keen interest in Indian mythology. His keen interest in ancient wisdom led him to seek and research ancient texts and meet many accomplished masters. He is deeply spiritual and believes that spirituality is not religion. He firmly believes that there is a tremendous wealth of ancient wisdom that, if understood in the right conteRead More...

Hindu Marriage

Books by Anil G

Indian civilization is replete with ancient texts of wisdom. However, it is rare to find the rites and rituals of Hindu marriage in those texts. It is an intricate process of customs, rites and rituals, the validity of which is easily questioned by the young minds not knowing its background and heavily dependent on half-baked answers available from semi-knowledgeable elders who have also picked these customs from their ancestors. Many of these have been reduce

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काल चक्र

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भाग्य जन्म के समय तय कि गयी एक कर्मावली है। यह हमारे मानस की गहराई में लिखी रहती है। जीवन में हम परिस्थितियों द्वारा निर्धारित दिशा में आगे बढ़ते हैं, जबकि हमारी प्राकृतिक आत्मी

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Kaal Chakra

Books by Anil G

Destiny is the agenda fixed at birth. It is deeply buried in our psyche. While we are moving in directions dictated by the circumstances, there is a natural affinity to situations which vibe with this buried agenda. When the sights and smells of the world pull us in a direction at variance to this agenda, there is confusion and dilemma. Knowledge is power. Unfolding this agenda gives us the power to make informed choices and avoid the stress and fear of the un

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