Anil K. Ray

Anil K. Ray who writes for love and change was born in a small village Harsamchak of distric Patna, Bihar in 1990. He is known for his simple language of writing. 'Main Mohabbat : Life Love Luck ' is his debutant novel. You may also connect with him through www.facebook.com/anilkray.fanpage on facebook. You may follow him on twitter @kranil02. Read More...

Main Mohabbat

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प्यार...एक एहसास या एक ज़रूरत या फिर सबकुछ खोकर सिर्फ एक को पाने का पागलपन ? आखिर अपने आप को आधुनिक कहे जाने वाले आज के इस समाज में प्यार कहाँ है..? कुछ ऐसे हीं सवालों को खड़ा करती और उसके

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