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Anjali Warhadpande

Following is the list of books written by Anjali Warhadpande. Ode to reality - a collection of poems that touches various topics like philosophy, life, nature, love, spirituality, humour, to name a few. Summer of 72, ‘sunny side up’ - young fiction which is set in the seventies and revolves around the multi-faceted vacation of a young school going girl-Surili. It deals with her first crush and many fun moments spent with friends and cousins. A light, fun read, it gives readers a glimpse of life in India during the seventies. The Innocuous Kiss and Other Short stories - an anthology of sRead More...


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Twenty Feet From Here...

Books by Anjali Warhadpande

Sometimes, an innocent action can lead to unforeseen, complicated, startling circumstances. The Bhaarats, a loving close knit family who live in Pune, discover this much to their dismay, when police swarm their peaceful neighbourhood. What is more surprising however, is the fact that aaba, the elderly grandfather of the Bhaarat family, finds himself in the police clutches as the only suspect for a crime committed barely twenty feet from their home. 

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journey within a journey

Books by Anjali Warhadpande

The book ‘journey within a journey’ is a collection of contemporary / modern haiku, written by Anjali Warhadpande. Her observation and imagination of the world and emotions around her, makes this a delightful read for all poetry lovers.

While the topics are as varied as the thoughts that ripple through a human mind, what is retained is the depth of emotions underlying most of them. The casual touch of words that compels the reader to delve deeper. F

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The Innocuous Kiss & Other Short Stories

Books by Anjali Warhadpande

The Innocuous Kiss and Other Short Stories is a collection of short stories that celebrate human relations in all of its varying colours.

An anthology of short stories, it provides a feast of entertainment for readers of all ages. It reflects the keen observation and imagination of Anjali about life around her. There is subtle humour, often tongue-in-cheek, underlying some stories, while a few others may leave the reader misty-eyed.

What s

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