Ann Alexander

Ann Alexander was born in 2004 and lives in Bangalore, India. Ann is currently studying at the Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore. Ann is an avid reader and a curious learner. Books have always fascinated her, right from her toddler days, where her favorite part of the day was to get her parents and grandparents to read for her. Her mother fondly recollects little Ann reciting the entire story of Rapunzel when she was three years old. Ann grew up reading works of famous authors such as J K Rowling, Roald Dahl and Rick Riordan. Her collection of books is her most treasured possession. A keeRead More...


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The Troubadour's Collection

Books by Ann Alexander

“Ever wondered what that word meant?”

“Oh… that was fancy, how did the speaker choose that word?”

“Ah… what a powerful speech, wish I am so spontaneous!”

As a matter of fact, it puzzles us when we think how someone can speak so eloquently.

In fact, we can do it too!

But how?

Nope, it’s not easy to memorize a 600-page dictionary. Have you ever tried learning… in a fun way? You’ll be amazed at th

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