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Ann Bee

Writer, poet
Writer, poet

Ann is a curious individual with a profound sense of living. She has a keen interest in people and their minds – the work of charm. She works as a form of relief to one’s unease with this aura of positivity. Life has always been her important matter to study, as her own story has some interesting elements of consistent fall and rise. The expression in this book has varieties of warmth and colour. Being so relatable and empathising, this book can give you a part of you. I am pretty sure people will keep this book close to their hearts as they find themselves in the middle of these pages. She hopes for all her future endeavours with her mind full of wonders.


Read Me

Books by Ann Bee

Read Me is simply a lyric to your vagrant tune, words to your thoughts, a photograph of your imagination, a wishful shape of your memories. We read several books, some of them enter a deeper level within us at the risk of getting replaced by a different book with a better concept to grasp or relate. This book doesn’t fall in any of these categories. Why? It’s because the expressions in this book are a part of us, they reside within. We live with or near

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