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Ann D'Silva

Humanitarian, Blogger, Fashionista, Entrepreneur
Humanitarian, Blogger, Fashionista, Entrepreneur

Ann D’Silva The Indian writer hails from Mumbai, a city that never sleeps. She has spent over two decades in the corporate world in senior management roles across the globe. She is a humanitarian and is passionate about CSR. Her initiative, ‘India Heart’, works for the empowerment of rural women in India. Passionate about words, she eventually discovered that writing is her calling and storytelling an expression of her creativity. She is an avid traveler, an advocate of social causes, speaker on women’s empowerment and entrepreneur. She is a Global Goodwill Ambassador and the recipientRead More...


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Verses Of A Risen Phoenix

Books by Ann D'Silva

Poetry is the food for the soul. Verses Of A Risen Phoenix, is a collection of moments, memories and conversations celebrating the spirit of women. It has poems from both the books of Sand and Sea Trilogy and much more. Peek into the subtle yet indescribable feminine entity, her struggles, failures, joys and the labors of the Phoenix’s journey before she rises from the ashes to be born anew. Flow with the mysticism of love and ponder on the entrapment

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Books by Ann D'Silva

True love is ever entwined with a higher calling. The majestic Sand “Kum” and the mysterious Sea “Deniz” are immortal lovers, protectors, guardians of the path of Good “Taqwa” against Evil “Fujur”. Since the beginning of mankind, they have been relentlessly watching and aligning the path of true lovers across parallel lives.
Özcan Güneş, a young boy with simple desires finds himself on a path conflicting that of his identity. His longing

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Sand & Sea

Books by Ann D'Silva


People don’t believe in the unseen, anymore,

Only in things they can see for sure.

They say love and soulmates exist no more,

Yet they breathe an unseen air to live for sure.


Not every story begins in the here and now. Some transit through time never ending. If time were to cease, then some things would live forever…

It began in the garden beneath which rive

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