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It has been Anita’s dream to write the story for the readers, something to tell them and let them know. Writing is one of her favorite parts of daily activity, but it seemed to be pointless until this book came out. She is passionate about people who are hurting. She would love to help them, in any case, to bring them out of the pain they have been going through, which is why Anita has chosen this book to let them know,“You need to move on as I did.”


Rising From the Ashes

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Rising from the Ashes is based on the true story lived by the author. The reason behind writing this book is to bring hope to the readers who have lost their hope. Life is not about giving up; it’s about standing still and waiting for your time. Life is not about how others look at you; it’s about how you look at yourself. Nowadays, the current generation cannot handle even the small pressures, but who knows, reading this book might help them gain s

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Make your day

By Anita in General Literary | Reads: 96 | Likes: 2

Life makes no mistakes when we have positive Outlook,we are power to this world and our mind is a shield for it .use it for protection of you and others so we both stand in Winning side ..  Read More...

Published on Jul 17,2020 02:32 PM

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