Anoma Behal Baste was born in the “City of Joy” (Kolkata) which is known for literary geniuses such as Rabindranath Tagore. She has always been fascinated with the capacity that poetry has, to move, provoke and delight. She was trained in Rabindra Sangeet at a very young age and got her copy of the Gitanjali at age eight. The rest is history.   Anoma now wears several hats. She is an architect, a mother, a business consultant, a theatre lover, a graphic designer, a writer, an entrepreneur as well as a self-proclaimed food connoisseur! A student at heart, Anoma is constantly exRead More...


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Universal Plug

Books by Anoma

Universal Plug is a book, with unique perceptions, insights and symbolism. The simple rhymes in the book deal with fulfilment, dichotomy and dualism. These are reflected through dark and light imagery - black, white and the illusive greys : words and lines throughout. The ability of touching the right cords in the readers’ mind is strong in each poem. The variety keeps the surprise element constant. The originality of this book triumphs!!

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