Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is an officer in the Armed Forces. Amidst guns, grit, guts and glory, he has traversed a tough time to hold onto the pen and craft out Stuck! His debut novel is inspired by many true incidents, and has been carved with his unending fantasies of the art of romantic storytelling. Besides the flair for writing, Anshul likes to cook, finds peace in reading and has a passion for exploring good tastes in the form of new cuisines. He lives a nomadic life and happily keeps shifting places with his wife, Juhi, and son, Aaryav.



Books by Anshul Sharma

Imagine being Stuck: Stuck in anything, be it a situation, a thought, a feeling, or even a relationship.

For Aditya Thakur, life threw curveball after curveball.

First came Deepti Gaekwad, oblivious to the love Aditya had for her.

Then came Lavanya Gaekwad, who messed with Aditya simply with her name.

And then, Muskaan: who, just like her name, put a smile on Aditya’s face.

Between these three Aditya’s journey grows into a

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