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Dr. Anupam Nirvikar

Anupam Nirvikar is a doctor by profession, but he also has an interest in writing stories and creating fictional characters. He believes that a picture is worth a thousand words and a story is the best way to teach a kid. When you combine the logic of language with stories of reality, it becomes science, and that is the aim of his language, Mantrakshar.Read More...


Books by Dr. Anupam Nirvikar

Mantrakshar is a constructed ideographic language with almost more than 3000 ideograms which are constructed with no less than 150 basic elements or symbols. It is usually for students from middle to high school and university students. Even a 5th-grade student can learn this language without hesitation if he shows dedication and will. This is also for the enthusiasts of language, usually a polyglot community, who are learning a huge number of foreign language

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