Anvika Perodi

Anvika Perodi was born and raised in Australia until 2018. Now in India, she’s currently studying in grade seven. When Anvika was younger, before she started school, her parents used to read her children’s books that had Anvika absolutely fascinated as each and every story was so different yet so splendid at the same time! From there, she began to make up short stories and simplistic songs to tell her family and friends. Anvika started writing short, creative stories in lower primary school as she enjoyed putting her thoughts down. In grade one, she was already reading large books, like DoRead More...


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A Detective's Diary

Books by Anvika Perodi

Abigail is an ingenious detective who must find the murderer! With her twin sister, Alice, a popular police officer, they can definitely catch the culprit red-handed, right?! However, this murderer is very sneaky. How on earth are they supposed to catch them in the first place?

Will the twin sisters find out who the murderer is or will Abigail ACTUALLY FAIL a case?! Read their diaries to find out the ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING TRUTH!

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A Curse in Disguise

By Anvika Perodi in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 3,263 | Likes: 6

It all started when I laid my eyes upon it. Or her. My idol. A famous model. And her hair? I loved it. In fact, everyone seemed to love it because it blew up on social media. It’s completely viral now, and all I knew when I saw it was that I wanted it. I wanted that haircut so bad. I wanted ev  Read More...

Published on Oct 10,2022 08:54 PM

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