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Archana is a poet, a content writer and an artist at heart. Apart from pursuing her passion for writing, she also indulges her creative side by designing bespoke stationery and jewellery. She enjoys watching comedy shows on TV and her idea of an ideal, laid-back afternoon is to curl up with a good book and a hot cuppa. She loves listening to music and hopes one of her poems becomes a hit song one day! Read More...


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The Water Lilies

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There’s an empty yellow picture frame

That hangs on the wall where the curtains fold...

And if I open the window wide enough,

The sunlight makes it look like gold.


Like a picture frame, this collection of poems holds snapshots of life that evoke hope, love, desire, elation, melancholy, and ennui... emotions that form the pulse of life.


Whether it is the ever-c

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