Arsheed Ahmad Reshi

Poet, author and motivational speaker
Poet, author and motivational speaker

Arsheed Ahmad Reshi is an English teacher who was born in a small village (Chakoo) of Shopian. He has written several poems highlighting the plight of the common and poor people in the Kashmir valley. The author is currently working on If I Were There. Changing Times of Joy And Sorrow is a collection of poems wherein he has forbidden people from judging based on appearances and trusting blindly. He calls mothers a unique gift from God. He also drawn a picture of snowfall in the valley. The Dual Faces of Hypocritic People will be his next publication. Read More...


Changing Times of Joy And Sorrow

Books by Reshi Arsheed

Have you ever laid your trust on someone and failed to recognize them perfectly? 

Would you like to visit Kashmir again, once known as “Paradise on Earth”? 

Do you agree that your mother is the most precious gift endowed to you by Allah?

The white carpet of snow has a unique charm in the valley. 

Do you agree that appearances are sometimes deceptive? 

Changing Times of Joy And Sorrow will acquaint you with them all. L

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The city of comrades

By Arsheed Ahmad Reshi in Poetry | Reads: 229 | Likes: 0

Customs of my cosmopolis will be like Everyone will be blind It will be the kaiserdom of ours like  Every street will be spellbound Where arrogants will be there guardians of Memoir, spirit-souls and reptitude There will be the supremacy with imagination That they will be boosted by Profound So  Read More...

Published on Feb 24,2021 09:06 PM

Reality behind veiled face

By Arsheed Ahmad Reshi in Poetry | Reads: 304 | Likes: 0

The day I thought to wear my soul Over my beloved's who became my goal Tried to keep her under my gaze Hoped to court her under some phase My wait is over, shall I now gain?  Her strength of love, her way to lane Thoughts like these consoled my soul Her flairy eyes had yet a no role Counting the st  Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 06:40 AM

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