Arun Bharadwaj

Arun Bharadwaj is a Senior Consultant for Retail Industry by profession and likes to travel and explore the rich Indian culture and heritage. Born in Bangalore, he spent his early years in the beautiful city of Chandigarh, before moving back to his hometown in 2004. He runs a travel blog Payana… (, capturing his travels across India. He has also published travel articles in leading newspapers like Bangalore Mirror and The Hindu. Taking time off from his busy work for a couple of weeks every year, Arun visits little-known destinations across India and soakRead More...


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Seen & Unseen Bangalore

Books by Arun Bharadwaj

Seen and Unseen Bangalore is a hand-held museum of Bangalore District, which highlights the history of the region over the centuries, and some of the fascinating and unknown facts of the city, which a regular tourist might not be aware of. You would be taken through the streets and buildings of Bangalore, which speak about the past, and you would also seem lost amidst developments and modern structures next door.

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