Arundeep Sivaraj

Having grown up on a regular feed of Enid Blyton, Edward Stratemeyer and Arthur Conan Doyle during his school days, and subsequently graduating to Dan Brown, John Grisham and the likes, Arundeep has a penchant for mystery and crime. No, he has not committed any, yet. With a Master’s in Business Administration, he earns his bread as a presales professional, creating winning solutions and proposals for a leading Indian IT Services provider. When he is not busy bringing new business into his company, you will find him behind the wheel, driving or riding, reading or just lazing around binge-Read More...


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Exit 10 - Dead Ahead

Books by Arundeep Sivaraj

For the police, an Audi that was totalled at Exit 10 on NH-8 and a beautiful young life that was snuffed out prematurely was an open and shut case of rash and negligent driving. For Arjun Mahadevan, the ex-CBI officer who was now the lead investigator for insurance giant IGI Shenzen, it was just another day at work performing basic checks and balances before honouring the claim made on the ill-fated car. Was it just destiny, or was it his perfected investigati

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The 'Slippery' Love Story

By Arundeep Sivaraj in Fantasy | Reads: 461 | Likes: 1

“This is your room till your test results come. If it is positive, we will decide to either shift you to a hospital or administer treatment here itself. For your safety and for safety of others, we will lock this door from the outside. You have all essentials inside. Food and water will be bro  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 09:58 PM

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