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The author Dr. Arvind Kumar Dubey, is a physician by profession. After his superannuation, he  leads a quiet and meditative life with his family in Goa. During this phase, he was inspired to compile the memoirs of the exemplary life of his father, who was a wonderful doctor, and much, much more. Dr. Dubey is not a professional author, and this is his first book which is an organic expression of his love and regard towards his father who led an exceptional life, guided by the deepest truth and the highest ideals of simplicity and love. This book is an effort to bring to light the story of Read More...


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This book is a collection of memoirs of the life of my father, Dr. Har Narayan Dubey, who was an accomplished doctor, and a human being par excellence. Although a very dedicated and successful Orthopaedic surgeon, in his later years he took to exploring other areas of alternative medicine, especially Homeopathy, in which he got wonderful results from his patients. As a result, he came to be regarded deeply by the people whose lives he happened to touch. <

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