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My name is Aryaman Joshi and I am a 17 year old chef from Gurgaon. My love for cooking developed from an early age and since then it has only grown more. As someone who’s fond of traveling and experiencing new cuisines, I’ve found special love for Italian and Mexican food.My creative side flourishes the most in the kitchen as I become an entirely different person.  Being a stickler for authenticity, I try to stay authentic to the cuisine I’m working on yet I never hold myself from using different cooking techniques to try and make my food stand out.Read More...


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“Tired of eating the same old recipes?”

This cookbook will uplift your skillset and teach you how to cook various recipes from across the globe —  Mexican to Italian, Mediterranean to Greek — it’s got it all. Simple recipes which you can add to your cooking arsenal, not simply for your special occasions but something that you can add to your daily meals. 

As an entrepreneur, this book is part of my initiative “Cook to Upscale” thr

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