K. Aryan

Born in 2003, Kumar Aryan is a student of standard 9 in St. Thomas School, Ranchi and has a keen interest in fiction and mythology. He is an amateur writer who writes stories for magazines. Deeply fascinated by pirates, he started to research more on them and was inspired to write his first novel on the pirate world. This interest resulted in the first book of his Caribbean Night series: The Quest for the Zade Stone.Read More...


Caribbean Nights

Books by K. Aryan

Early 18th Century, Caribbean,

A buccaneer named Tim Redbeads is suffering from a deadly curse as a result of crossing the cursed channel. His body is rotting from within. He can be released from the curse only with the help of the zade stone.

Meanwhile, Tim meets a messenger from Madurai called Amer. Amer tells him that King Satbitra, the ruler of Madurai, has invited him to join his campaign against the East India Trading Comp

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