Ashish Chand

It took Ashish fifteen years to bring out The Swami – a story of Indian lands over the last one thousand years.

Prior to bringing out this story of compulsive human travel, Ashish has offered his thoughts in four acclaimed books –

  1. 1.       Studentship and Careers
  2. 2.       Mechanical Engineers Journey to Manufacturing Excellence
  3. 3.       Journey Beyond Love
  4. 4.       Chidiya Sagar

Ashish always found himself pitted against soft human errors that cause deep damage to humanity itself. He feels the answer is in knowing the roots. Understanding to this effect was love…and all possibilities.


The Swami

Books by Ashish Chand

Man’s journey from peak to valley is always painful. The reason is either ignorance or carelessness. Ignorance can be wiped out by self-help. Carelessness leaves one with few antidotes.

Swami Chidananda lived to witness India’s journey from a golden era to widespread poverty. He waited silently to find the answer. This book is the story of Swami Chidananda’s tremendous silence.

The Swami works smoothly yet vigorously on compelling

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Chidiya Sagar

Books by

The adult keeps contemplating while the child reaches for it. Poetry is always a child’s exclamation.

How is it that, at the right moment you are reminded of the right and if you commit an error you are intimated instantaneously?

What is it that propels you to take the right step at the right time?

What is it that always guides you to the definite route to your eternal happiness?

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Journey Beyond Love

Books by Ashish Chand

‘It is necessary to know about functionality of your physiological and psychological body parts in order to have any wholesome understanding about your life.’ Does this statement have any meaning for you?

If being wholesome is being holy then what is the Journey to it?

In all the cultures of the world but Hinduism, there is no concept of rebirth. Only an Indian has to work for stopping his cycle of rebirths.
Does liberation comes to all p

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