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Astha Pareek

It is painful to write something in memory of someone whom you are related to and bonded at many levels. A daughter like ASTHA PAREEK comes to this world only to bring joy and joy to all around her. She formed an essential part of the 2007 batch of BITS, PILANI. She started her BITSian journey as a studious student with 10 out of 10 pointer in 1st semester. However, she had different dreams and aspirations. In the coming semesters she strove to achieve excellence in other facets of student life. She was an amazing dancer who performed several dance forms in her school and college years. She also had a marvellous command over language and words. She weaved out several poems, songs, short stories and shared them through her blog. She also composed some of her own songs. Her strong resolve to live life beyond ordinary was a source of inspiration for many. She was one of the most lively and spirited students in her batch. Above all, she was a wonderful person and a very dear friend. As a software engineer her work in ORACLE in MYSQL team was given a very special acknowledgement in America on 30th September 2014 posthumously. She had this ONE BIG DREAM of writing a book, sitting in a bookshop and signing her books for the people who came to buy her books. But, the dreamer was shattered in an accident in the valleys of Sikkim where she has gone with her friends and colleagues before leaving for the USA for doing her Master’s degree in Computer Science. Heartbroken, but, still to fulfill her intense desire to become an author and publish a book in her name, we, her parents decided to bring her dream come true. 

The dreamer is gone, but the dream lives on.


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