Athaudeen Ibnu Mizrie

Mr. Athaudeen Ibnu Mizrie is a writer and a translator who is currently associated with the film industry and has completed three movies. Over the decades, he has worked as a marketing professional. After he quit his job, he took up writing in 2008 and wrote the book “Anna Brahma.” He also worked as a financial controller. He has traveled extensively and has gained vast knowledge on various subjects.Read More...


Annam Brahma

Books by Athaudeen Ibnu Mizrie

Food is medicine; Food is poison

Food is medicine if taken in the prescribed quantities at prescribed timings. Food provides the life force energy known as “ Prana “ which sustains life in a body. Different kinds of food enhances your physical and mental health. Certain types of food enrich your vital energy while some others strengthen your teeth and bones, smoothen your skin, and some would boost your intelligence.


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