Atul Kumar Jain

Atul Jain holds a bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Technology, BHU. He has seventeen years of rich corporate experience with Infosys, where he worked for customers such as New York Times, The Wall street Journal, Dow Jones and Nordstrom at various leadership roles in both India and the USA. He lives in Bangalore – the garden city and silicon-valley of India.

He is a leadership coach and a multi-dimensional entrepreneur, working closely with partners in multiple countries across the globe. He is a Regional Director with the USA-based RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. in India. He enjoys reading, mentoring and writing. He is on a mission to make a difference by helping people to discover and leverage their maximum potential.


You can connect with him on:

His blog – www.theatuljain.wordpress.com

His Facebook page – www.facebook.com/theatuljain

His website - www.theatuljain.com


Welcome to You20.0

Books by Atul Jain

1.Multiply your net worth by 200.

2.Imagine what you need to become to be that successful.

Won’t that version of yours be much higher than what you are today?

Welcome to You20.0 is a thought-provoking journey that will challenge you to dream big and help you to achieve your best version during the process of pursuing those dreams.

Atul Jain’s desire to share his proven formula for finding your most important dreams

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