Babu Vellera is an aspiring writer and writes for newspapers, periodicals, and magazines. He started writing in his mother tongue Malayalam as a student, and later on in English also. It was just a hobby which soon flowered into a passion for him. He works for Government of India and is now settled in New Delhi. His visits to USA, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago on official trips have helped him form a world view. Many of the articles included in this book are published and has a referral and eternal value. He has varied interests in writing travelogues, poems, storRead More...


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Sentences Speak…

“His mother dreaded the prospect.“This elephant will kill you also. Don’t go to death”, she pleaded with Unni. But Unni was resigned to his fate, and sure that death comes but once. He felt he had no option but to take up the work.”

“Devotees were waiting for prasadam. Seeing the plate empty, they went to the temple priest and complained. Kannan’s explanations could convince none

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Walking free

By BABU VELLERA in True Story | Reads: 251 | Likes: 0

WALKING FREE By Babu Vellera I have been thinking of walking to office every day for a while. But I could not. What is preventing me from doing so? I pondered. The reasons were manifold. First and foremost is the vehicular pollution. How much pollutants may get in to my body? What will be the side e  Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 10:58 AM

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