bal krishna thakur

Bal Krishna Thakur is an educator, consultant and a social worker. Earlier he was teaching in a Career Institute. Now he is working as a consultant. He guides people on self-discovery, self-discipline, human values and the pragmatic way of living. He is also associated with some non-governmental organizations. There he promotes the cause of education and awareness programs. He lives in New Delhi. Read More...

Life and Living the Mystery of Success

Books by Bal Krishna Thakur

This book is the compendium of those thoughts, ideals, principles and values which are essential for the harmonious development of man. It reflects the nature, pattern, direction and destination of the life of man. It addresses the most basic needs, desires and concerns of man. It contains both the ends of life and the means of living. It is a holistic vision that facilitates to see the entire complexities of life at a glance.

The ideas contained in this

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