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M. Balasubramanian

The author is a doctor who is trained and qualified in Hospital Administration. He has worked in various leading tertiary hospitals in Mumbai and is currently working as Chief Hospital Administrator at Raptakos Brett & Co Ltd for their upcoming project. He is a General Physician with more than 3 decades of clinical and academic experience.Read More...

Total Quality Management in the Healthcare industry

Books by Balasubramanian Mahadevan

"Total Quality Management in Health Care” explains the basic components of a TQM programme relevant to acute and priority health services. The material is presented in an accessible A4 format, with a strong use of visuals, including diagrams, checklists and questionnaires. It describes the basics of total quality management and how they apply to the health service.

Total Quality Management (TQM) describes a management system where in a Healthcare

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Covid 19 - The New Age Pandemic

Books by M. Balasubramanian

This new age pandemic has shown us that all of us have to bow towards Mother Nature. Like our Honorable PM said, “This virus sees no race, religion, caste, creed or sex.” It has affected the world globally irrespective of whether we are rich or poor. Global warming, rapid industrialization, deforestation, loss of natural habitat, increased stress of new age living have all contributed to what we are facing now. This book attempts to delve into some

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