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Balasundra K Rajoo

Logistics & Infrastructure Operations And Safety Consulting Services
Logistics & Infrastructure Operations And Safety Consulting Services

Bala, now retired, lives in Ara Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia with his wife and family. He is self-employed, running a Logistics and Safety Consulting Services. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Business/Economics Management from Beloit College, Wisconsin, USA.

He joined the upstream oil and gas industry company in 1973 as a contractor working offshore on oil drilling rigs and later as an employee. His career spans over 44 years, advancing through various non-supervisory, supervisory and management positions both in Malaysia and while on overseas assignments.

His passion, with retirement, is SafetyDNA leadership culture development with a belief that a resilient culture of safety does ensure that everyone can go to work, do their jobs, and return home safely to his or her loved ones.  

By holding this belief, he continues to promote, consult, teach, share and educate people that everyone can mitigate, and prevent worker injuries and hurts at home, travel, and work with a right 24/7 SafetyDNA attitude.


24/7 Safety


In this book, Balasundra K. Rajoo addresses one of the toughest challenges in businesses: how to operate safely integrating safety culture leadership development with outstanding execution. This is facilitated by technology to navigate the road map for success towards the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.  


It is critical to design, nurture and activate such 24/7 Safety DNA which is a deep, and a strong culture of safety leadership. Why? The cost of

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