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Barnabas Tiburtius

Barnabas Tiburtius was born in Tiruchirappalli, India. He had his early education in a Catholic seminary, where he studied mathematics, science, and Latin for five years. He then graduated in electrical engineering from Madras University. He worked in the field of control systems as a researcher, creative innovator, and senior management professional for thirty-eight years.

A systemic thinker and avid reader, he has entirely devoted the last sixteen years to the study of consciousness, cognitive science, cosmology, mythology, quantum physics, and spirituality. He regularly gives motivational talks and conducts workshops on science and spirituality to a varied audience.

He teaches ‘Science and Theology’ to graduate students for their Bachelor of Divinity course. This course covers the history of the relationship between science and religion, Darwinian and theistic evolution of life, development of human consciousness, progress in the study of cosmology, nature of reality, and the emerging stage of synthesis between science and religion and the paradigm shift towards cosmic spirituality.

He has published a book of poems and has written nearly 500 articles and papers.

He lives with his wife, Margaret, in Chennai.


Symbols and Themes in Sacred Texts

Books by Barnabas Tiburtius

In this information age, the need for explicit meaning in scriptures and rituals is a vital ingredient that is lacking. The literal interpretations and obligatory rituals have left a void in the individual’s spiritual journey and hence, the increasing disappointment in organized religions. 

There are 50 articles in this book whose contents aim to provide a deeper spiritual meaning that is conveyed through certain specific symbols and themes s

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Self Empowering Wisdom (Volume 2)

Books by Barnabas Tiburtius

This is the second volume in the series of books published under the title ‘Self Empowering Wisdom –Through Deeper Interpretations of Mythologies, Sciences and Spiritual Texts.’ It contains 85 short articles on various spiritual and existential themes aimed at the elevation of human consciousness to a higher level. The purpose of this book is to collate the wisdom, which is increasingly revealing itself in our lives, as the consciousness of Homo

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Mystic Delights through the Senses

Books by Barnabas Tiburtius

Mystical Delights Through the Senses is a book of poems intended to evoke the mystical attributes hidden in our inner being to break forth into our experiential domain. The very inputs for this process are the perception of beauty and grandeur in the world around us and in the Cosmos through our senses. Poetry is the engine through which the mundane inputs the author receives is translated into a medium of emotional transformation.

The kaleidos

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Self Empowering Wisdom

Books by Barnabas Tiburtius

Just like a bee that gathers the sweetest of nectar from various flowers, this book of empowering thoughts, aimed towards the elevation of human consciousness, has gathered wisdom hidden in thousands of spiritual traditions in the vast garden of human thought ever since the Homo Sapiens looked up at the heavens and questioned the full extent of his self-awareness.

Since the advent of Renaissance, the human spirit has been seeking the nature of reality b

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